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Blogs are a comin’.

Hey folks, sorry about the slackage in my blog posts. I’ve been pretty good about getting a post in every day or two for a while now. But these past few days have been chock full of wonderful family time, spectacular friend time, and…lots of working on a new blog site and Etsy shop! The photo above is a clue for how the new blog is going to look. Stoked! Keep checking back for more updates soon.


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The west on film.

A good while ago, as in last December/ January, I mentioned that I picked up some old rolls of mystery film from a garage sale. And I was super stoked to see what I might find. Well, I remembered that I never showed you all what I found! Most of them were too exposed to heat or light to be developed, but there was one roll of film from a little plastic panorama camera that was golden! Here’s a few of my favorites:

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.” Psalm 19: 1-3


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Tenacity of an Uncommon Acquaintance

This is Will. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, he is the subject of my final photojournalism class assignment. The project was a “photo story”. We were pretty much allowed to take this and do what we want with it. I decided to take a more indirect approach to the project, telling part of Will’s story in a slightly abstract way.

It’s funny how I came to decide on Will for my story. It started with the fact that he looks strikingly similar to one of my older brothers. In fact, we met simply because I walked up to him and told him that very fact. I didn’t really know much about him when it came time to start this project but out of pure intrigue and curiosity I decided that he would be an interesting subject. Going on a whim, I asked if he would be interested and to my surprise he wanted to do it. And after a battle for time between his soccer schedule, classes, and him getting sick, we finally got in a couple of photo sessions. During the shoots I got to talk to Will about things that he’s passionate about, goals he has in life, what is important to him, and other topics as these. In subtle and indirect ways I tried to bring what he told me into the pictures to help tell some kind of story of who he is. This is a series of six photos and the final product that I turned in for my assignment.

I asked Will for a small phrase that either represented who he is or what is important to him. After a little thinking and collaboration we came up with this phrase (above). Passion and determination were two characteristics that were evident in Will simply by the way that he talked. His determination certainly drives him not only to achieve his goals but it seems like it also comes into his every day life.

One of Will’s passions is sports, soccer especially. A goal of his is to start a soccer league that can bring in people who are wanting to go into it professionally, giving them the training and exposure that can help them achieve that dream. His captain’s band represents a lot of who he is. As a leader on the field, it is only fitting that Will is a strong leader as a coach to younger and less experienced players. “Small details” is a phrase that Will uses over and over while coaching. The small details are what sets them apart from every other team, he stresses.

There are few people who Will says he truly trusts. He holds trust as something that is sacred and rare. The people that he deems trustworthy are a few select family members, most of those being his older brothers.

It was so great getting to talk to Will and hearing him talk about things that are so important to him. I really loved trying to incorporate these things in the pictures and am grateful for the opportunity. Any chance I get to tell someone’s story through pictures is an opportunity I don’t take for granted. I believe it is a gift to have opportunities like this and look forward to and hope for many more in the future.


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Sneak peak from my photo story assignment for photojournalism class. Pictured is Will, a senior sports management major at Union University. My goal is to tell a part of his story and show a little of who he is through a series of pictures. In about a week you should see the full series here on the blog. It should be exciting so check back around then!

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