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About a month ago my older brother Matt left for some Central American adventures. He’s visited places in Costa Rica and Peru, worked on farms, surfed, and done some serious adventuring.¬†These two top photos are ones I took ¬†right before he left with a Nikon film SLR. Unfortunately the vast majority of that roll of film was overexposed to heat and light but these were 2 of 3 photos that weren’t completely ruined. I’m so glad they came out. They’re nice to have when I’m missing him so.
This bottom photo is one that I snagged from the pictures Matt’s been posting on Facebook. So cool!






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Goodbye, Notebook.

Well, I’ve come to the end of another notebook. I guess you could call it a journal. (Really it’s a composition notebook disguised by pretty papers.) This one took longer to fill than usual. I started it the day after my birthday last fall. And as of right now I have 2 pages left to fill.

Just thinking about all that has happened in the last 8 and a half months to fill this notebook is making me unexpectedly emotional. I open up to the first page and I see that the very first thing I wrote on that day in October, two months into my first year of college, was, “I will glory in Christ. Glory in Christ. I will glory in Christ. I will glory in Christ alone.” Amen.

Reading over the pages. Touching the pages. I am quickly reminded by how easily I forget, for the things that I wrote eight months ago are still teaching me today! Yet he gives me grace. I’m going to take some time now to read over this notebook before I write the final two pages. And I’m expecting to cry, to laugh, to see friendships born, and to thank the Lord as I watch past prayers unfold as I turn the page.

10/24/2010- “I am carrying on a great project and I cannot go down.” -Nehemiah

11/7/2010- The Lord provides what he requires of us.

11/9/2010- He doesn’t have any shoes on…this guy is super swell.

11/2010- Keep moving forward, even if things seem at a standstill.

11/14/2010- Let your light shine- get over yourself.

11/14/2010- “The Beatitudes are so beautiful that I think that’s probably what the birds are singing when you wake up in the morning.”

More to come.


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