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Turn the Page, It’s a New Blog!

Well everybody, my new blog site is finally done! Head on over to Fabric and Shoestring to read what it’s all about.

While it’s extremely exciting to start a brand new blog, I have to admit it’s a quite sad that this will be my last post here. Farewell old blog, you’ve been a dear friend these past two years or so. Please don’t go anywhere. I might want to reminisce.


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Blogs are a comin’.

Hey folks, sorry about the slackage in my blog posts. I’ve been pretty good about getting a post in every day or two for a while now. But these past few days have been chock full of wonderful family time, spectacular friend time, and…lots of working on a new blog site and Etsy shop! The photo above is a clue for how the new blog is going to look. Stoked! Keep checking back for more updates soon.

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