(Not) About Me


My name is Kathryn.

I take pictures, I write, I create. I’m a sophomore majoring in photography at Union University. I love people and beauty. I have a beautiful Lord and I have a growing passion to discover beauty in his eyes. I’m learning that beauty goes beyond the eye of the beholder. I’ve realized that it has much more to do with the Maker, the Artist.

In this blog I talk about people I love, I show you my photos, I tell you what God is teaching me, I share with you the random and quirky moments of my life that I cherish every moment of.

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One random fact: I’m also known as Whale Sweater.


3 responses to “(Not) About Me

  1. Leslie

    Girl this is amazing! you are so beautiful inside and out, and you for sure have a gift! It is so obvious that you want to use this gift for His Glory :o) which is so fun and He already is doing it and will use it and you in huge ways! Love you girly :o)

  2. Love your blog!……and your heart. 🙂

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