Summer Night

Things that I love about nights like last Saturday:

  1. Gazing at the summer night sky.
  2. Not minding the Florida heat.
  3. Laughing at the cows.
  4. Remembering times of past.
  5. The smell of bug spray.
  6. Being called a hippie instead of a hipster.
  7.  “I need to go walk into a Bath & Body Works!”
  8. Talking of crazy old teachers.
  9. Listening to God’s work in friends’ lives.
  10. These girls. Well, at least the two on the outside. Kalicia was greatly missed.

It’s on nights like these that I come home and break out into full-out dancing to whatever music I hear. That night, it was rock. You shoulda been there.

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One response to “Summer Night

  1. the hippie/hipster line is priceless
    and: i love the moon picca.
    and: you’re kind of great .

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