Sip O’ Tea Party

I had the humongous privilege to be the official photographer of the first annual “Tea Partay”. (Granted my younger sis was one of the hostesses.) Regardless, she and her friend Brooke threw a marvelous tea party. They put so much time into all the decorations and baking and coordinating and it all certainly paid off! Here are some photos from this lovely shindig. 

I got this sweet little cup from Goodwill for 99 cents! Oh, and loved the mason jar decorations.

A lovely group of girls.

The treats were delicious! As was the lemonade…yum.

One game Danielle and Brooke planned for the night was a balloon game where each person ties a balloon on her ankle. When the game starts, everyone has at it to try to pop everyone else’s balloon while still protecting their own. These are the feet of the winner.

Some great dancin’ going on at this here party.
And these are the lovely hostesses, Brooke (left) and Danielle (right). I have to hand it to you ladies, you threw one fabulous party!

Also, I will be posting some of the great selections they put together for the party playlist in the “All My Jams” tab at the top of the page. You future tea party planners, take note. This playlist was jivey.



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2 responses to “Sip O’ Tea Party

  1. lookin fancyschmansch!
    you are a wonderful official photographer, sister as hostess or no sister as hostess and i jes lurv yer face

  2. Makes me wish I could have been there. Absolutely wonderful! And gorgeous pics by the way!

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