Putting Substance

I don’t remember when exactly I started loving Enter the Worship Circle, but their Chair & Microphone album series introduced me to my favorite worship songs ever since. Aaron Strumpel is the artist of the 2nd volume of this series. His song “Centuries” is one of my all-time favorite songs. It never gets old. Well, I stumbled upon his website and noticed a blog post where he quoted something his sister said on a phone conversation. I love what she says.

“Artists minds intrigue me.  They set the bar for thinking outside the box.  Somehow they tend to see the world in a way that the rest of the population doesn’t and then they create something magical for the rest of us to engage with.  I’ve always wondered why that is, why a certain person is able to express a vision of reality so far from what I tend to live in.  One day, I was listening to NPR and they were talking about a piano composer who has a rare condition called synesthesia.   With this neurological ‘condition’ her brain actually associates each note with a hue of color.  She not only hears notes, she hears colors.  She’s not making up colors to go with her music, she’s not putting something on to be more than she is, it’s just how her mind works.  And I finally got it.  Not to say that all artists have neurological conditions, but it finally dawned on me that each artist who is creating something boundless and beyond reality, really does see the world with an amazing twist.  They aren’t trying to come up with something artistic, or even edgy, they are simply putting substance to what is in their mind.   Life may be full of sound, or light, they may see more colors, or feel more textures.  Whatever it is that inspires them, they create a world for the rest of us to ponder, where we can begin to see our world in a new way too.  That expression is bold.  It suddenly isn’t just a painting, or a song, it is instead the laying bare of a person’s soul to show us something new.”

I’ve come to fall in love with the Enter the Worship Circle community. Everyone is so unique and passionate. Above all, there is one focus in this group of people and that focus is Christ. I hope to meet some of them in person someday.

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