I feel confused and like I’m trying to grasp onto something that I don’t even know is there. I don’t even know what it looks like. I want to know so desperately what this thing is, this thing that I don’t even know how it looks but that I want so much. Why? Why do I grasp into the air so desperately?

Well, there are so many options out there for things to grasp onto, but I know there’s just gotta be one that’s just right for me. There’s gotta!

Perhaps there is…but must you know what it looks like before you hold it in your hands?

Well, yeah. I have to be able to weigh my options. Will it be worth my effort to hold onto it?

What if you’re reaching in the wrong direction for it?

What an odd question! I guess, everything behind me is in the past. Everything on either side I’ve already seen. It’s got to be ahead of me. It’s got to be somewhere out there ahead of me.

Well, what if it’s above you?

Oh, I see where you’re going with this. You see, I’ve got it under control. One hand always reaching above and one always reaching out ahead of me. This way I can still hang on to things above while I search for what is in front of me.

But, you’re not reaching above.

Wha— What in blazes are you talking about? Of course I am! One hand out in front and one hand…Oh, uh. I suppose you’re right. They are both out ahead. I could have sworn that this one was reaching up…


Wrote this last night. And read James 4:1-10 this morning.


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