In the town

Today Danielle and I went to an artist colony called Towles Court, got a smoothie (she) and an iced coffee (I) at Pastry Art, and picked up some literature from a used book store. Aside from the heat that can kill, it was a good time.

A cute sign at one of the artist residences. At first we were unsure if we were walking into someone’s home or a gallery. But we soon got the feeling that they were either strictly galleries or residences with galleries. It was a neat area that we’ll have to go back to sometime.Pastry Art. Get a smoothie. One of the best ever.

Peek-a-boo eye.

You know you want a neon green and purple home!








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2 responses to “In the town

  1. i wish i was you two chickadees. smiles, love the hair.

  2. yayayayaya little seesters.

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