DIY: Rake Necklace Holder

When I saw this picture of a rake head being used as a necklace holder, I knew I had to find one for my room. So I asked my dad if we had any rakes that weren’t being used and he gave me this rake head that had already broken off of the handle. Perfect. The base of the head was a plastic blue, ugly kind of thing; thus, the paper string solution. I picked up that roll of twisted paper string at Goodwill for 59 cents, which adds up to the total cost of this project. I just wrapped it around tight and fastened the end down with superglue.

Review: I couldn’t be happier. Super simple. Matches my room perfectly.

Suggestions: Before you think that the rake you want to use won’t work, try to figure out how to make it work. If the base isn’t pretty, cover it with ribbon or fabric or some other material that makes it match your style. If the tines aren’t curved in such a way that will hold the necklaces, see if you can bend them up with pliers. That’s what I had to do. Easy peasy.

The tines on this one were completely straight before. As you can see above, some pliers bent them up perfectly to hold the necklaces.

Here’s how I used it in my room.


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  1. So cute! I LOVE it. Your room is so like you 🙂

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