A Little Pal

Most people (I think) crush any bug they come into contact with, especially those found in one’s bedroom. I have a really difficult time doing that, not because I like them by any means, but because I just can’t do it. I can’t take the feeling that their bodies make as I crush them beneath my hand or foot or finger. Even using a magazine or shoe to squish them…the idea of it still kind of freaks me out.

So this ant showed up several days ago. I let him alone, figuring I’d never see him again after a few minutes. Since then, I see him almost every day. It’s pretty humorous because when I’m on the computer sometimes I’ll notice a little black thing on one of my fingers as I’m typing, and there he is sitting very content, as if on a circus ride.

Via suggestion of @MeinradCharles I gave him the name Atom Ant. I think it suits him well.







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One response to “A Little Pal

  1. That’s Awesome!! I’ve never heard of a bug that has returned multiple times, let alone a solitary bug. Also, the name ‘Atom Ant’ does suit him(her?), that’s my opinion anyways….

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