Folky Fest

Camping at our large multi-family site, cooling off in the Suwannee River, enduring the intense heat of the summer.

Throwing tiny frogs to the middle of the river, one big gulp of an unseen fish, and the frog is never seen again.

Tie-dye dresses, long flowing skirts, anything that twirls when you dance.

Banjos are plucked, fiddles are strummed, harmonicas are sucked and blowed.

The soundtrack to the day and the lullaby to the night, the folks will not stop playing.

Last weekend was the annual Florida Folk Festival in White Springs, Florida, which my family has been going to since before I was born. Those are few among many reasons I look forward to this festival each year. And as I continue to go it seems as if each year gets better and better. I meet more friends, I listen to more music, I find more fun things to do. I was super happy to see and spend time with my friends from Jubal’s Kin. Their whole family is just so great. And Gailanne is an incredibly sweet girl. Danielle and I both love her so much.

Also, one music group that I was introduced to was Aslyn and the Naysayers. They did a cover of “Kids” by MGMT folk-style and it sounded so good.

All-in-all it was a really fun weekend. I got to take pictures with my brother early in the morning, I got to paint many friends faces tribal style, I got to do some good ol’ contra-dancing, I got to play with my nieces and nephews in the river, I got my first golf cart shift, and I got to listen to quality folk music the whole time. It was all just so grand and I thank the Lord for good friends and family that made it that way.

Dani took this last one. I love it.


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  1. this sounds so wonderful. road trip some summer.

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