The Warm Season

For the year of 2010 I decided to do a 365 photo challenge. I took a picture a day for about half of the year before I decided I would do better without it. Taking a picture each day started to become a weight that would loom above me throughout the day until I took a good one, hopefully better than the day before. When I finally decided to stop, I felt like a burden was lifted and I was free at last. Don’t get me wrong; I would never take that time back. I got to know my camera extremely well and pushed my creativity to places it had never gone to before. However, it did take a while for me to want to take pictures again.

Fast forward to present day. When a friend of mine suggested that I and a couple of our friends commit to taking a picture a day for the summer, I was pretty hesitant. But the more I thought of the idea, the more it drew me in. It was about this time last year that I stopped the 365, and I’ve learned a heck of a lot about photography since then. Seeing how I take photos differently now is a thought that I’m very interested in. So here’s my commitment written out: I will put forth my best effort to post a picture on here each day of the summer. Maybe with encouragement from you all, I can be more motivated to keep it going. Look for the tab at the top labeled “The Warm Season” to keep up with the photos as I post them. First one will go up today!

Here are my friends’ sites that are doing it with me (click on their picture to go to their blog):


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