Today I wore a flowy dress.

I see the kids playing on the playground.

I miss them. My twelve nieces and nephews are back home in Florida.

I try to make conversation with them but some are unsure. They talk a little and look like they want to talk more but they just don’t know me yet. I see one jumping for the bar, just out of her reach. “Do you need help?” She nods. Two more reach for the bar and look at me with hinting eyes. The next thing I know, I feel a tiny hand grab onto mine. She leads me away to the playground talking in that tiny voice, saying something about going to play with her. We make our way up to the slide, consequently make our way down it, and then discover a twisty monkey bar/ jungle gym. Two girls are here, the other two that I helped on the bar. I call them monkeys. I then ask what their real names are and tell them mine. More kids come one by one. Eventually five or six of them are climbing around and calling my name, “Kathryn, look at me!” “Kathryn, watch this!” “Kathryn, look what I can do!” In their tiny voices.

The Lord has been giving me these little blessings lately that I don’t even ask for. Oh, how he loves…

I’ve had to work quite a lot this weekend while a lot of other things were going on that I terribly wanted to go to. A best friend’s birthday, a concert, a dear friend’s visit, a restful Sunday. All these are things that were interfered by work this weekend. But the Lord is good. Though I had all the reason to be cross about the whole thing, instead I asked for joy. And he’s just been blessing me. Treasured moments with friends, sleep, time for schoolwork, fellowship at a park on a sunny day. All these are things I didn’t think I would get this weekend, but I did.


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One response to “Today I wore a flowy dress.

  1. And now I’m crying. Cool.
    I’ve missed you, but I’m so glad for the blessing of joy.
    I’m also glad for the blessing of you, my darling.
    Being best friends with you is a year round gift.
    I love you.

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