Fabric and Shoestring

“What is art?”

“To me, it’s beauty.”

“And beauty?”

“Beauty is God.”

Thoughts so lofty. Thoughts so spread. Thoughts high and low and in between. In creating things, must I be conscious and intentional in every decision? Concepts can be so complex. Do I even want to aspire to be an artist? Maybe a craftsman would be more enjoyable. Or maybe just easier.

These thoughts trail into more thoughts, continuously pondering what is beauty, what isn’t beauty. What is art, what isn’t art.

“This is a piece of cardboard.”

“No, with this fabric and this shoestring, it’s art.”

“But why?”

“Well, it’s beautiful.”

So there it is again. The question of beauty. I finished my art project between three and four o’clock this morning with no sleep. As I walked back to my dorm from the 3-D studio, a soft rain greeted my cheeks. I stumbled around for words to form into questions to ask God. “What do I need to…” No. “What’s the purpose of…” No. “Is it important to…” No. Finally I just said, “Lord here I am, as I am. I’m listening. Speak to me if you will.” Almost immediately:

“You are my beauty!”

What? No, how cliche. That’s my own thoughts thinking.

“You are my beauty!” he said. “Know and understand that.”

Choking up, letting out weak little whimpers and gasps for air. Water rolls down my cheek but I can’t tell if it’s my own tear or a raindrop from the sky. The Lord of the universe calls me his beauty. Above the trees and the mountains and the stars he calls me his own. And he calls me beautiful. Overwhelming.

“What do I do with this, Lord?”

“Rejoice in it! Dance in it, love in it, create in it!”

Thank you, Lord. Thank you.



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5 responses to “Fabric and Shoestring

  1. Julia

    This is awesome, Kath. I am glad I got to step in, a little earlier, to this conversation, and it is really neat to hear your heart. I am very excited to see what God teaches you (haha, and I) these next three years.

  2. I cannot find anything to say… thank you for sharing, dearest. Oh, how He loves you!

  3. This will truly never get old. I want to read it again and again.
    I’ve been so blessed by what He has revealed to you.
    I love you, dearest.

  4. Wow. This is truly so encouraging. Thank you. And thank the Lord who loves and creates in love.

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