The sky was a mass of black cloud…

That feeling that makes you feel small and helpless: it comes in different ways for different people. Some people ignore that feeling and replace it with one that gives them a false sense of power and thrill. I’ll admit I do this sometimes. Last night I sat in reverence. In reverence to the lightning that filled the sky. In reverence to the pummeling thunder. In reverence to the crashing waves of rain. I sat, watched, and let the far-traveling mist hit my face. And I felt small. Rightfully so. I am held by a mighty God. He protects me with forces much stronger than the wind or rain or lightning that strikes all around me. What a comfort.
By recommendation of friend Kate I started watercoloring with the rain water during the storm last night. She is a brilliant one.


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3 responses to “The sky was a mass of black cloud…

  1. this is so lovely and awe inspiring.

  2. Anna

    these pictures capture our evening perfectly.
    that lightning was amazing.

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