A Week In An Unknown Land


(Photo by Kathleen Hartsfield)

Lord is so good. I’ll be in Rhode Island for the next week to serve, to grow, and to share the Word. I praise Him for mysteriously providing the funds for this, and I thank everyone immensely for all the support, prayerfully and financially. If I could ask you to continue to pray for me to keep a right focus on God and what he has for me, it would be so greatly appreciated. Please pray for my team as well; that we could be united with the bond of Christ that makes us brothers and sisters and that we could be willing to listen and obey as the Lord leads us through this trip. Pray continuously for the people whom God may plan to speak to through our words and deeds this week. I am praying now that God would stir their hearts and that they might choose to seek Him more.

How great is the Lord that he considers us his children. How great he is to deem us worthy of receiving his power. How great he is to give mercy when we deserve nothing but harsh judgment. How great is his love to those who do not love him. Praise him forever. All of creation, praise him forever and ever.


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