Just One Good Snow

The joy was purely overflowing from my being today. I had my first snow day ever. And it was one of the best days of my life.

I woke up and it was raining. No big deal. I got ready to go walk to my first class and it was slush/snowing. That was enough to get me going. I walked to my first class super happy while most everyone else was not so much. I finished my first class and walked out to see a beautiful white blanket of snow covering the entire campus. From this point on I was just beaming. All I wanted to do was be outside. I searched everywhere for my pal Kathleen (considering she’s from Texas and it was her first snow day too) so that we could go play in the snow together. I found her 10 minutes before my next class, just in time for a good old snowball fight. I continued to have three or four more snowball fights the rest of the day, as well as build a family of snowmen, make a snow angel, eat snow, and take lots of pictures.

First snowball fight of the day (taken by Cari)

Snowman family (taken by Kathleen)

The Great Snowball Fight

So this was my day of snow. One good snow was all that I was asking for and I got it today. I love the Lord. So incredibly much.




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6 responses to “Just One Good Snow

  1. I am supremely jealous.

  2. You, are a marvelous person, Kathryn! And I love that we both had our first snow days ever this year! Mine was during J-Term. =D
    Loved the snowman family! However, some meanie-heads murdered them. =(
    Much love!
    -Rachael H.

  3. Darling dearest, now I am beaming! I am so so happy He gave you girls your snow.

  4. ellen

    oh oh oh you captured it, bungee.

  5. The landscape at the top is absolutely stunning. Gorgeously simple composition.

    And I’m glad you enjoyed your snow day. =)

  6. Jay

    I’m so glad I got to witness your first snow day. Except for the snowman killer.

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