Intentional Dispositions

I’m starting to wrap my mind around the way that people think differently. Mostly in the visual aspect but also in other areas like music or relationships. Photography and other  visual arts have helped to show me how people think in lines and color schemes, triangles and squares, from a distance, from a certain angle, in motion, and completely still. Some people think in patterns, rare ones think in solids, and a few think in ways that have no rhyme or reason yet make perfect sense. Some people claim that at times they think of nothing. I trust them…yet I cannot fathom the possibility for there is never a time when I am not thinking. Even when I’m not thinking of something logical, I am dreaming of a different time or place.

We are all created differently, even our minds. In contrast to how many think, these differences are intentional and not accidental. Thus they should be celebrated, not criticized and suppressed.



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3 responses to “Intentional Dispositions

  1. Mmm, I’m glad you wrote about this. Thanks for putting some of my thoughts into words…

  2. If you like reading about random people you don’t know, some of my friends had a very intriguing discussion, mostly about how they think about time, which you can find here.

    This is indeed a fascinating subject. Makes for very interesting conversation. And a slightly uncomfortable self-examination.

  3. I can’t imagine a moment of not thinking!!!

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