Nothing Too Spectacular

Well, this was the smallest New Year’s party I’ve ever experienced. This was everyone… Dad, Matt, Danielle, and myself. Mom had to work and my other siblings all had different New Year’s gatherings that they were at. But I have to say it was really great. Dad and Dani and I watched Back to the Future, the third one, and then set off fireworks out of our empty pool. Matt joined us after we set off a few. 2011 came with the biggest firework we had and we recorded the new year with the classic sparkler photo. We got this on the first try too!

I don’t have anything too spectacular to say for the New Year. But here is something that I’m holding to. “Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord” -Psalm 27:14. This is going to be a year of waiting and trusting for me. He is so worthy.


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  1. Jay Griffith

    This sounds remarkably like my new years. And well done on that picture.

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