Yes, it is Christmas.

Well, tomorrow is Christmas (in reality, it’s today). There’s not really anything I can think to say that someone else hasn’t already. The days flew by and I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. The Christmas lights are all around and every store is crowded. Some people are cheerier than usual and others are more stressed out. It’s the usual kind of things.

This morning I read the first chapter and a half of Luke. As I read it I tried to imagine everything that happened, as it happened. Instead of reading it like any other story, I read it and tried to imagine everything that happened as reality. I read as if I was taking part in what was happening and feeling the very feelings that Mary or Elizabeth or Joseph or Zechariah were experiencing. The joy and the trust and the miracles that were involved were so beautiful. It made me want to be there.

Well, I’ve got a lot of photos for you on this one. Just to let you in on some of the Christmas goings-on that have been…going on.

The very top picture is Kathleen in her elegant Christmas pajamas as she ponders and dreams while staring out a window into the woods. Below are some shots of my nieces and nephews at the “gingerbread-decorating in your pajamas” lunch. They’re the best.

Next are some shots of three of my nieces that I took for my brother-in-law as his Christmas present. I’ve successfully made a grown man cry two years in a row with my Christmas exchange gifts.

And this last one is a classic Santa shot from his visit to Keva Juice.

Merry Christmas everyone. I wish you all good times with family and friends and as little of the holiday stresses as possible. The Lord has truly blessed us, more than many realize, with his Son. His mercy, his worthiness, his beauty is unfathomable. Tomorrow is a day to celebrate these and many more wonderful things about him and I pray that we don’t ignore it. Indeed, I hope that is our focus. I’m looking forward to waking up early tomorrow, putting on a turtleneck with slacks and suspenders, and reading for a bit in a rocking chair as I wait with Danielle for mom and dad to be ready for the gift unwrapping. It’s going to be a good day. Everyone’s coming over and we’re going to have some good and memorable times. To all a good night.



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2 responses to “Yes, it is Christmas.

  1. ellen

    I recognized Kath’s elegant pyjamas! That photo makes me happy (and sad). Keep blogging, my friend. Tis a joy to read.

  2. i love that top one! and the ones by the water are so pretty!

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