The Soundtrack of Childhood

It was a merry Christmas celebration at the Sailing Squadron tonight. It was a full house and then some as an old family friend of ours, Mindy Simmons, took the stage. A very talented person and a truly unique character Mindy is. It’s funny to think back to the days when I would go to her house each week for a piano lesson and have absolutely everything on my mind except…playing the piano.

This is one of the main scenes I grew up in. Not the Sailing Squadron, but the folk music scene. My grandmother is heavily involved in it, helping at many festivals and hosting countless jams on her own back porch. While I definitely take some and leave some, I’ve really grown to love folk music more and more. It tells stories, it brings light to dark times, it’s often honest and sometimes blunt, it lightens loads, and it brings contagious joy.

While I don’t always sit and listen to the entire shows, some of my best family memories are within reach of the lovely sound of the folkies, singing and playing away. It’s like the soundtrack you wish could be playing as the background music to your life. Or I do, at least.

Here is my cousin, Laurel, and me having an adventure at the Sailing Squadron…in the bathroom. Adventures know no boundaries.



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2 responses to “The Soundtrack of Childhood

  1. so glad you have discovered the wonderful down-to-earth world of folk music

  2. that first photo–holy smokes!

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