After Futile Pursuits

“I’ve sleepless nights, restless days.

With no end in sight, just sleepless nights.

I lose my heart, forget my way.

When each new day starts I lose my heart.

But this ring shines, this ring shines.

This ring shines, this ring shines.”

The Lord is faithful. The most faithful of all. We betray him. We leave at times and pursue worldly things. We think that these will give us satisfaction. And maybe they give the impression that they do. But they are always short-lived. Once they cease to satisfy and please us (and they will), we remember the one who truly loved us. But at this point we have nothing to offer him.

“You called me home, I was alone.

In my blood and bone you called me home.

You took me in, a broken heart.

Despite where I’d been you took me in.”

After betraying the Lord, the one who has never betrayed us…he calls us back to him. No matter where we have turned to find satisfaction, he takes us in as his own and gives us the true satisfaction we’ve been longing for.

“You gave the sign of family.

On my hand it sings, you gave this ring.

And this ring shines, this ring shines.

Despite all my crimes, this ring shines.”

He put the ring on my hand and there it will forever stay. He will not leave me nor allow me to be so satisfied with the things that deceive me. Even when I betray him, he takes me back. Truly, he always had me. Such perfect love. Such uncommon love. Such is his love for me.

-lyrics from “This Ring” by Enter the Worship Circle, Chair & Microphone Vol. IV


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