Old Postcards and Disposable Cameras

Today I was reminded of the value of yard sales. I love to shop at thrift shops, second-hand stores, and antique shops and often do. But I forgot what incredible finds are available at garage sales if you only have the patience to look for them. Today, I found a ridiculous amount of treasures at a few yard sales near my house. I bought 3 partially used disposable cameras along with 4 rolls of film, which may or may not be full. I also bought several baskets, belts, fabrics, and wall decorations among other things. Many other things. And all this…under $12. Yard sales, I must say, are spectacular things.

Well, after my first three months of college I am finally home. The couple weeks leading up to finals were busy to say the least and the reason I haven’t posted on here in so long. Thinking back on the semester, all I can do is shake my head and thank the Lord. Unbelievable. The people…these relationships that he has blessed me with…I just stand in awe. From my closest friends to my professors to my church family, I can’t thank him enough for bringing them all into my life. I have truly become a better person for knowing them all, even for this short bit.

Well, I’m home for two months now and really excited to be really artsy and productive. Some things that I want to do are work on some fresh and creative photos for a new portfolio, learn how to sew and make clothes, paint a bit, make things out of the junk in our garage, and redecorate my room. I’ve already started some things and super thrilled about everything. And speaking of the portfolio, I may be needing models for some things so if any friends would be interested…let me know!

My definition of a model: a person. Seriously, I love to take pictures of a wide array of people. If everyone in my photos looked the same, what fun would that be? So let me know if you’re even slightly interested and I’ll let you know if I could use you in some shots for this portfolio.

Thank you everyone for supporting me through this journey!


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  1. LaFonda

    i want 2 modul 4 u. lolz.

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