Tenacity of an Uncommon Acquaintance

This is Will. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, he is the subject of my final photojournalism class assignment. The project was a “photo story”. We were pretty much allowed to take this and do what we want with it. I decided to take a more indirect approach to the project, telling part of Will’s story in a slightly abstract way.

It’s funny how I came to decide on Will for my story. It started with the fact that he looks strikingly similar to one of my older brothers. In fact, we met simply because I walked up to him and told him that very fact. I didn’t really know much about him when it came time to start this project but out of pure intrigue and curiosity I decided that he would be an interesting subject. Going on a whim, I asked if he would be interested and to my surprise he wanted to do it. And after a battle for time between his soccer schedule, classes, and him getting sick, we finally got in a couple of photo sessions. During the shoots I got to talk to Will about things that he’s passionate about, goals he has in life, what is important to him, and other topics as these. In subtle and indirect ways I tried to bring what he told me into the pictures to help tell some kind of story of who he is. This is a series of six photos and the final product that I turned in for my assignment.

I asked Will for a small phrase that either represented who he is or what is important to him. After a little thinking and collaboration we came up with this phrase (above). Passion and determination were two characteristics that were evident in Will simply by the way that he talked. His determination certainly drives him not only to achieve his goals but it seems like it also comes into his every day life.

One of Will’s passions is sports, soccer especially. A goal of his is to start a soccer league that can bring in people who are wanting to go into it professionally, giving them the training and exposure that can help them achieve that dream. His captain’s band represents a lot of who he is. As a leader on the field, it is only fitting that Will is a strong leader as a coach to younger and less experienced players. “Small details” is a phrase that Will uses over and over while coaching. The small details are what sets them apart from every other team, he stresses.

There are few people who Will says he truly trusts. He holds trust as something that is sacred and rare. The people that he deems trustworthy are a few select family members, most of those being his older brothers.

It was so great getting to talk to Will and hearing him talk about things that are so important to him. I really loved trying to incorporate these things in the pictures and am grateful for the opportunity. Any chance I get to tell someone’s story through pictures is an opportunity I don’t take for granted. I believe it is a gift to have opportunities like this and look forward to and hope for many more in the future.



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6 responses to “Tenacity of an Uncommon Acquaintance

  1. Grandma

    Great job, Kathryn..will does remind me of Matt!!
    love, G’ma

  2. William

    Kathrine, you did an exceptional job. Thank you so much for the opportunity. This is such a cool and creative idea that you have put together from next to nothing. I am very honored to be apart of this project. Excellent work!

  3. Cathy

    excellent work Kathrine. Not only do you show talent as a photographer – you selected a perfect subject – one of Will’s many cousins

  4. Richard Jordan

    I am Will’s great uncle and was very interested in what you had to say about him. We don’t see each other very often, and I am so glad that he has such confidence in what he wants to do and applaud him for what I consider a noteworthy goal. He comes from an exceptional family of two sisters and three other brothers who collectively have a warehouse full of talent, charisma and success in life . I believe you chose a good subject to cover.

    • Autumn

      Uncle Richard– thank you for caring about us. I can’t tell you how much it means. Kathryn, love the pics of my baby brother. You are very talented. I wish you much success. Regards, Autumn VandeHei

  5. Eleanor Worcester

    I see that some of my own family got to write here before I did. I left a comment and then opened the blog. What a great job you did . Seeing that Will was pleased with the whole project that you did was what any writer or photgrapher would want to hear from their subject. . He is one of my great nephews ,and anything they do interest me immensley Kudos to you both! Reply

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