BluBlocker Vision

Driving. Home in the rainshine of the night.

Feeling. The wind of the sky from the moon roof.

Reminiscing. Days activities of three dreamers.

Pondering. A young friendship, seems of old.

Breathing. Air that I will never breathe again.

Praising. In awe and unworthiness for this day gift.

So my dear friend Ahnna that I previously posted that blog about for her birthday got some pretty sweet shades from her rad brother, Caleb, which are…BluBlockers. Pure amazingness BluBlockers. Not only are they classy for the looks and soothing to the retinas, but they also serve the purpose of a wondrous lens filter as you can see in the photos above. I got to spend the day with Ahnna and Kathleen today and I have to say, what a gift. I can only pray that the Lord might give everyone friends as extraordinary as these two are for me. We ate Chicken Salad sandwiches at Merridee’s in downtown Franklin. Delish, to say the least. Next, a walk along the train tracks and not to mention the awkward couple too few paces behind us. Then a sensation my taste buds were no where near prepared to experience: Sweet CeCe’s pumpkin and cheesecake frozen yogurt gently mixed with graham cracker crumbles and baby marshmallows. After that life-changing event we met Timothy, a friend of Ahnna’s (who has breathtaking artwork), at BookMan/BookWoman and spent quite a good while in there browsing through the ocean of books. “Books which smell of earth whose pages turn,” says poet Margaret L. Smith. The last stop of the day was Pangaea, a store which simply inspired me to create. Bird knick knacks, clothing oh so unique, and a book of the many types of beards. And wrapping up the day with a deliciously home cooked meal of chicken enchiladas made by Mrs. Reyes assembled for one stupendous day that will not easily be forgotten.



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