On pale, imperfect eyes

“On pale, imperfect eyes,
Chandeliers rely…
And the brightness will
Weave lace out of light
When we dream of you.”

-“Chandeliers” by Sleeping at Last

Been in the Photojournalism studio for the past four days straight. Obsessed? Maybe. Passionate? I think so. I’m loving photography more and more as I do it and purely enjoy learning new things and meeting new people who share this same love. The Lord has blessed me so much by placing me here. Just the privilege of having access to this studio is a tremendous gift that I hope not to take for granted. I know to many it seems like a simple thing, but I hope it never does to me. It really is a luxury when you put it in perspective to what many others have, or rather don’t have, access to. And that’s just one thing that I’ve been blessed with. Truly, it is overwhelming whenever I try to think of everything God has done for me in this past couple months. How great and mysterious is His love.

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  1. Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!

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