“Culturally-revlevant, Rockstar-level, Cause-driven, Highly-orchestrated Church Handshakes”

The following is an excerpt from Ben Pasley’s “TOM and the Goldfish Bowl”. Find out more about the book and the audio podcasts at http://www.benpasley.com/tom_and_the_goldfish_bowl/. I fully recommend it.

“What is the single most popular phrase that flows over the modern Christian lips in an effort to connect to someone’s spiritual journey for the first time? I think it is this: ‘Do you go to church?’ I think the second most popular question would be, ‘Would you like to go to church with me?’ Surely, we are more than meetings. Meetings are in many ways like handshakes. Handshakes are supposed to be the entry point into deeper relationships. But the world has grown tired of our culturally-relevant, rockstar-level, cause-driven, highly-orchestrated church handshakes because there seems to be nothing beyond them except…more meetings. We are more than a first impression. We have more than handshakes to give. We are more than meetings.”


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