Road Eye Land

“I sought the Lord and he answered me, he delivered me from my fears. I’m not scared here.”

Freshman year of college…never expected that I would not be going home for spring break. That’s an entire semester of most likely not going back home. But its funny how when God puts something on your heart, the sole passion that he instills within you is enough to drive out any fears or doubts you may have. At a most unexpected time God started to draw my heart towards a trip to Rhode Island over spring break of this next semester. Scared at first and extremely hesitant, I prayed a lot and sought advice from several different people about it. After each conversation, I was more and more convinced it was right and started to get more and more excited about going. So I submitted the application and found out today that I got on the team! God’s plan is so perfect and his sovereignty is incomparable. It is so good to trust in a God like that. I would really appreciate prayer for this trip and for the people God will draw near to him through it.

“Take and eat, take and drink. Take this love, take this strength. Take this hope, take this peace, and sing…”

-lyrics from “Not Scared Here” by Enter the Worship Circle


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