Is this Kindergarten or Kollege?

…nap time. Commonly seen in the environment of a Kindergarten classroom, nap time is in fact just as present if not more appreciated in the college setting. Late nights added to early classes sums up to a good ole afternoon nap. And I must say they are quite pleasant!


“Oh, can I get you a…cot or something?”

Meet the Robinsons


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2 responses to “Is this Kindergarten or Kollege?

  1. Oh my word…I am unknowingly brilliant. that last quote was not intended at all to go along with the napping part of my blog. I just watched a youtube video of a clip from that movie and remembered how perfect that line is. haha! awesome.

  2. Susan

    You will also revisit taking naps during your first pregnancy 🙂
    Love you and miss you lots!

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