I miss…

…my family. With 2 parents, 8 siblings, 11 nieces and nephews, and many more relatives and friends back home, its pretty difficult for me to not miss them. Its so weird to think that little Noah will look so different than this the next time I see him. But nevertheless, God has blessed me tremendously with a supportive, loving, and sometimes quirky family and I love them all more than they know.

I haven’t had much time to keep this updated but before I go too much further into the week, I just wanted to let you all (not y’all…yet) know what an experience this has been. While I had a lot of struggles facing me the first week of school with finances and such that still had to be sorted out, God came through and completely provided for me. So now I am in the process of looking for a job and as weird as it sounds I am really stoked about it! I have met countless extravagant folks here with whom I am looking forward to experiencing many new adventures. Just to throw a few out there…

Lydia, Natalie, and Sarah are my roommates. They are 100% marvelous and equally crazy! In a good way of course. LOVE talking to all these girls.

Elyssa is our adopted roommate who is from Minnesota just like Natalie and Lydia. She is super cool and basically described by all the same things as the other three.

Kathleen (aka dopesauce) is my photo buddy. While some may confuse her for a hippie, others can see the amazingly talented, fun, random, Christ-loving person that she undoubtedly is.

My Life Group (aka the “Relation Ship”) is led by Chase and Lindsey who are both just dandy. So far we have built empires together and explored underground tunnels. Not to mention great Christian leadership and fellowship.

Shout out to all my upperclassmen friends as well as my fellow freshies. I love all of you already.

Anywho…God is already doing some amazing things through me coming to Union and I just want to totally give it all to him because he is without a doubt the one who brought me here. He is so so good. I love hearing from all of you at home and am trying my best to find time to talk to all of you and stay in touch. I apologize if my responses are absurdly delayed, but…I am trying my best and do want to talk! So forgive me. But if I could ask for prayer for two big things coming up fairly soon, one would be finding what church God is directing me to and two would be getting a job. I am praying for you guys at home and miss you all like crazy! Time for sleeeeeep. Goodnight all!


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