Good Morning, Fred

I just know you all are wondering WHO is this Fred!? “She goes off to college and all of a sudden has this guy Fred that she’s saying good morning to every day!” Well, let me tell you who he is. So I met Fred…I think either the 2nd or 3rd day I was here and from that night until just two nights ago, he would play songs for me all day and night. One morning I woke up and went to the bathroom and the first thing I wanted to say was “Good morning, Fred.” And then I thought to myself, crazy woman, Fred can’t hear you. So I walked back to my room somewhat embarrassed but humored by myself at the same time. For about an entire day I didn’t hear from Fred and was beginning to wonder what happened to him. Well, my roommate Sarah heard me talking about him and regretfully informed me that he crawled out of the bathroom drain earlier that day…I was deeply disappointed yet understanding at the same time. Crickets do need food as well as room to run and jump, and I would imagine that the bathroom drain limited both of these. So now I say, “Farewell Fred. Run with the wind and follow the breeze. Go wherever life takes you. But always be sure to come back and visit. Always. Love, Kathryn” That’s what I would say to him.

Love and miss you guys at home! More posts soon to come.

P.S. pictured above is my outrageous pal Kathleen. Fellow photographer and lover of the Lord. We get along just dandy!


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