See you later.

This last week has been harder than I thought it was going to be. I’ve had to drag on the farewells way longer than I wanted to. I feel like I’m saying my last good-bye to at least one person every day this week. At times I will get really sad. Like overly sad. But I think it’s because I keep forgetting that this isn’t forever. I’m going to be back sooner than I know for visits. And I think those times with friends and family will be even more special now. I think I already said this in a previous post, but really…the encouragement and support I’ve been getting from everyone has been such a blessing. I’m realizing how much God’s blessed me with people in my life who are more than just acquaintances. He’s put people in my life who truly and genuinely love and care about me and that I love and care about too. That’s one thing that I am sure never to take for granted because I know so many people yearn for that and don’t have it.

Last night I spent the night at my sister’s house with her family. I cherish those times with my whole heart. Stayed up late talking to Christy and Dustin (her husband), and surprisingly Dustin was the one who stayed up super late talking to me! He’s usually first to fall asleep. But I get so pumped talking to both of them because they are so incredibly wise and amazing examples to me. Well, in the morning I played with the kids a bit before I had to leave. I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and Noah sitting in my lap, leaning against my legs, and looking up at me. He smiled…I lost it. Without control, the tears started streaming down my face. It was the first time he’s smiled at me and goodness, was it ever the most precious thing you could imagine in this world! I will miss seeing this little one grow up like the rest, but I know God will be taking care of him and holding him in his safe arms.

Took lunch to Dani and Posh Josh today. First day back as an official alumni! It was weird, but I still kind of felt like I was back in school, like I was still a student almost. We had probly the best lunch table ever (I’m even talking like I’m still in school). But for real, Dani and Posh were there, plus Angela and Shae…and two new kids from the DR! Their names are Octavio and Emmanuel. But anyways, after that I went home and took a major nap. I woke up and Dani was just getting home from school.

Later was my good-bye dinner with my parents, sisters and brothers, and their families. Because its been so hard already, I’ve been praying that tonight could be a happy night to enjoy with my whole family. I wanted to focus on being with them rather than leaving them. And it was wonderful! Seriously, my heart is so full of love for each and every one of them right now. I did have to say the final good-bye to the first of my sisters, Susan, and her little girl, Chloe, and my sister Jess’ husband Doug. But I know I will see them again soon. So two days left now and still have to say the most difficult “see you laters”. Lots of prayer would definitely be much appreciated.


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  1. I will pray for you! 🙂

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