Having phun in the Sun

I asked my niece Brianna to write my blog for today. Everything in the next paragraph is her words and her typing from my perspective. She’s only 8 years old but I’d say she’s got some great writing potential!

The beauty of fun is exciting.I went to the fountains today and played in the water.It was nice and cool like the breeze.My nephew Jeremiah was climbing on a tree,there was lots of vines and ants.My niece Brianna tried to swing  on a vine but it wouldn’t move because the vines were actually roots,i laughed.And thats why “The beauty of fun” is exciting.

(Kathryn talking now) Today was so amazing! I got to have coffee with two of the most wonderful and encouraging women from my church. Then I got to spend more great and marvelous times with my family in celebration of my nieces, Chloe and Emma’s, birthdays. Said goodbye and wished my best to a super cool and talented friend as she is also heading off to college. And finally I got to spend my last night with my home group at my lovely friend Grace’s house. The entire day was such beautiful times with friends and family that I am cherishing so much. The encouragement I’ve been getting from everyone is mind-blowing and been totally keeping me going. I am so wholeheartedly thankful for everything God is doing in my life right now. Praise the Lord for his lovingkindness and faithfulness.


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  1. Karen Brooks

    I think you are wonderful and have such an incredible God-given talent and I love you…….

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