Apple store and 2-story Starbucks

Just got back from youth summit and it was so fun! For those of you wondering, “What is youth summit?”, here is a direct description from

“The Annual Youth Summit is a two-day event that has been designed by the youth and emerging leaders of the Florida Youth Council to be entirely by youth, for youth. The Florida Youth Council is a group of emerging leaders with disabilities that are committed to encouraging leadership and helping their peers to succeed in life.”

So basically it is like a conference-type thing for youth with disabilities, led by people who also have disabilities. It was cool to see and hear what these people were doing for the participants. I listened in on one guy who was a comedian/ motivational speaker and it was pretty amazing to hear his story of how he grew up and how people treated him and where he is now. But all-in-all it was a great experience and GREAT time with my aunt, cousins, sister, and some friends. We stayed at the Florida mall hotel and it was pretty sweet! There was an Apple store AND a two-story Starbucks in the mall. What more could you ask for?


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