Is this a yes or no question?

I interviewed my sister. Just for the heck of it…just for the fun of it. She was gettin weirded out for real. Soooo, enjoy!

K: What is your favorite item of clothing? Why?

D: Ohh that’s hard, but I’m probably gonna have to say my brown floral vest. Because it’s unique and I can where it like anywhere…and I got it from Goodwill…and it’s just so stylish man, why wouldn’t you like it?

K: What is your favorite movie? Why?

D: Big Fish. Because it’s unique…just kidding…Are you writing this all down? (Some of it) …because it’s a love story but it also has a very different and interesting end to it. Its kind of like a fairy tale love story. That’s why I like it.

K: Would you rather drive a VW van or a Ferrari? Why?

D: Is that like an actual question? Are you serious? (Yes) VW Van, duh! I don’t want a ferrari. VW vans are like flippin’ awesome. Like I’d take a VW van over a ferrari any day. That is my dream car.

K: Do you like being called Little Buns?

D: Where are these questions coming from? It’s kinda creeping me out. Where are these answers going? …Yeah, I guess. Usually just like family and friends call me that. I used to not like it but I guess it’s just normal now. Like I don’t prefer it or not prefer it.

K: If you could be called anything in the world, what would it be?

D: Ummm, by who? I don’t really care. I mean Danielle’s my name. (You didn’t answer the question) Well, what is this for? Because my answer depends on that. Because like when I’m older and have a husband I think it would be adorable for him to have names for me. (You still haven’t answered the question) haha…”answer the question, Steven”…Christ’s follower.

K: Do you get offended when I don’t let you drink out of my drinks?

D: Are you asking me these? (Yes) Umm, no. You have issues and I know that.

K: What do you think “Hot Yoga” is?

D: Hahaha, ummm, yoga without air conditioner. (Are you sure it’s not something more creative than that?) Extreme yoga…and probably something inappropriate.

K: Can you come up with a new nickname for me right now and explain your choice?

D: Seven! Seven because we watched the movie Nine today and the girl that was named number Seven, she was a bird girl. She had a beak, and…ya.

K: Gingers?

D: Is this a yes or no question? (It’s a question.) Booyah.

What are these for? You have to tell me…or I will shoot you.



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3 responses to “Is this a yes or no question?

  1. Rayna

    I love this. I can just picture her in my mind saying these things.
    “Answer the question, Steven!” I love you girls.

  2. Susan

    haha, cute. In the movie Nine, you were 7, Matt was 6, and David was 8. We didn’t really have clear similarities for the other ones, but it was pretty funny.

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