Let’s sing, let’s sing for joy.


Noah James Beres born around 3-4 this morning. Left youth group around 8:00 p.m. to head over to the hospital and camped out there until little Noah was born. It was a bit of a wait but, boy was it worth it! Absolutely beautiful little baby. I already love him so much. It’s crazy how you can love someone so much that you’ve only known for a few minutes. Well, baby Noah, welcome to the family! I’m sure you will fit in perfectly.

“May God be gracious to us

And make His face shine down

May God be gracious to us

And make his ways known

Upon our fields so green

Upon our homes so warm

Upon our kids so strong

Let’s sing, let’s sing, let’s sing

For joy, for joy, for joy”

-Enter the Worship Circle


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  1. Becky Hardy

    Thank you Kathyrn, for capturing and sharing this beautiful blessing from God with us. He is absolutely perfect. Congratulations to Dustin and Christy and the rest of the Beres gang!!!

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