Chinese Ping Pong

Had my grad party last Sunday with my cousins Jenny and Ashley. It was really nice. I one hundred percent LOVE having a big family. Spending a day hanging out with the family is hard to compete with. This time it was family and friends. While I was busy going back and forth, making sure to say hello and talk with everyone, it was really awesome to see so many people I love and care about all together in one place. We got some pretty sweet games of Chinese ping pong going, too. That is the best game ever! About 5-10 people at a time, no net, and plenty of obstacles makes for one pretty addicting game…even in 90+ degree weather and humidity. Ripsticking it up and bringin out those old school scooters…all good fun. I’m gonna miss times like these.

“I am dancing into his house. I can’t help but swing wide these doors. He calls be his [child] and he shakes my young soul. To his home I will run, yes his home is my goal. Cause its better that way. Life’s a burden alone. Just give me one day in my Father’s warm home.” -Enter the Worship Circle

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