Acronym of the day: sooc

Whether you are jumping up and down yelling,”I know this! I know this one!” or rolling your eyes begging for something more challenging or perhaps even sinking your head into your shoulders not wanting to admit the fact that you don’t know what “sooc” is…have no fear! Because I am about to tell you.

I’ll give you clues first:

1. The above picture is labeled as sooc.

2. This is making me late for church (not a clue, but still somewhat important).

3. I did not edit the picture one bit.

4. It came Straight Out Of the Camera.

5. Well, …that’s pretty much it. Know what it is?

Oh, yes! You got it! Straight Out Of the Camera. See, I knew you were a smart one.

Anyways, I’ve got church today like I said and then my grad party, hence the balloons. Also celebrating the graduation of my two awesome cousins, Jenny and Ashley. Chinese ping pong, food, and great friends adds up to a pretty awesome-lookin day to me!

Challenge: Use the word “sooc” today and act surprised that anyone might not know what it is. But then say you’re kidding cause that might sound mean.


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One response to “Acronym of the day: sooc

  1. Susan

    I didn’t know you had a blog! Cute! I will try to remember to use this word, but will probably mispronounce it or forget it and mess the whole thing up!

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