In the meantime.

So lately I’ve been in a very different kind of season. Things have been changing and more changes are coming. I don’t really know what to do in certain situations and I’m seeking more than finding. Not that its a bad thing though, I believe I’m going through this for a reason. I guess lately things that I’ve felt are that I don’t feel as close to God, I don’t feel I’m doing as much for him, I don’t feel like I’m talking to him as much, and I don’t feel I’m living out my faith as much. It’s very tempting to just put myself on cruise control right now and just wait it out, but I’m convinced that there are things God wants to teach me through this. I want to keep seeking his will and I want to keep crying out to him asking what his will is. It is frustrating sometimes and its very easy for me to get discouraged right now but I know something better and more rewarding is waiting for me if I stick it out. I mean that’s really how our entire life is when it comes down to it, right? On this earth we are separated from our heavenly Father, constantly crying out to him and seeking rest and comfort from Him, which he faithfully gives to us. But while we are here we are still surrounded with sorrows and pain until God brings us to that time where we experience something better. Then we can experience the reward of eternal peace and joy.

So that is what we hold onto as our hope. The test is to ask ourselves if we are walking with that hope daily and in every season of our lives. Sure, we can look towards the reward we will get at the end of our lives, but what about those that He gives us as we go through each season? We can’t just cruise through the hard times and expect great rewards. The greatest of rewards come with the some of the most difficult of journeys.

With that, I will say that one thing that God taught me today is that I need to stop focusing on all my problems (because trust me, there are many) and instead focus on the hope God has given me through new life. Satan wants me to focus on my problems, God frees me from that trap.


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