Status: Stopping motion

I think I’ve discovered newfound love. Seriously. Stop motion videos are starting  to intrigue me more and more. For those who may not know, stop motion is a video series of photos, one after the other, where someone takes (usually inanimate) objects and moves them little by little in between each photo making them look like they are moving. If you want to see a good one, youtube “Her Morning Eloquence”.

Anyways, I decided to make one to enter into the zinch scholarship cinderella 6 competition. Winning that would send me straight through the state AND region round to the round of 64. I started making it today and have 26 seconds, woot! Took me about 2 hours to get all that. This picture is just one of the many shots in the video so far. I’m so stoked.

I’m so amazed at the ways God is working in my life right now. He is just so interesting! haha, he is proving himself to be so faithful and worthy and teaching me to be more dependent and trusting of him. Its funny because it seems like he is blessing me with the desires of my heart, but in ways I would never think of and rarely in the ways I want. Its almost humorous. Oftentimes when I am really anxious or excited about something and thus expect it to come quickly and hastily, that is when God slows things down the most. He is so funny. Teaching me, slowly and wonderfully teaching me. He showed me this verse the other day from Proverbs 19:2…

“It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, not to be hasty and miss the way.”

Man, I want to keep this one near and dear to my heart and always have it in mind with everything. God’s will for me is what I want most and nothing is worth missing it.


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