Loving Memories

Journal entry from November 26, 2009: The day my grandmother passed away

I felt no death today. There was one…physically. But besides that, to me, it didn’t feel like death occured. Instead, it was simply the transferring of a soul from her earthly body into her everlasting being. The switch from a child, separated from her father into one reunited with Him, never to be parted again. I love Nana. But God loves her more. I thank God for allowing his beautiful daughter to be such a close part of my life. I also thank Him for taking her home. I want the best for Nana, she deserves it. I know the best anyone could find is God. Now that she has Him and is ever with Him, nothing could bring more joy to my heart. And of course she left us on Thanksgiving. No other day would have been more appropriate. Nana was the most grateful person I knew. This will not bring darkness to the holiday like some deaths may, but rather it brings life and special meaning to it and really makes us think about what we are thankful for.

(Behind the picture: these earrings were my grandmother’s; Bible verse is from 2 Corinthians chapter 5)


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