Turn the Page, It’s a New Blog!

Well everybody, my new blog site is finally done! Head on over to Fabric and Shoestring to read what it’s all about.

While it’s extremely exciting to start a brand new blog, I have to admit it’s a quite sad that this will be my last post here. Farewell old blog, you’ve been a dear friend these past two years or so. Please don’t go anywhere. I might want to reminisce.


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There gets to be a certain time of the night that I say to myself, “You’d better start cleaning up.” Surely I could go on late into the night painting and mod podging and sanding and cutting paper. Sometimes I let myself do so until my head starts spinning. But on those nights that I try to be more logical, I start packing things up at a decent hour early enough to get to bed before midnight. This is one of those nights. Goodnight all. Its been a good day.



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About a month ago my older brother Matt left for some Central American adventures. He’s visited places in Costa Rica and Peru, worked on farms, surfed, and done some serious adventuring. These two top photos are ones I took  right before he left with a Nikon film SLR. Unfortunately the vast majority of that roll of film was overexposed to heat and light but these were 2 of 3 photos that weren’t completely ruined. I’m so glad they came out. They’re nice to have when I’m missing him so.
This bottom photo is one that I snagged from the pictures Matt’s been posting on Facebook. So cool!





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Oh hey, Kathleen.


A few weeks ago I had the extreme blessing to go spend time with Kathleen, one of my dearest friends whom I met this past year in college. Since she lives all the way in Texas, it was a real treat.

Kathleen was in Fort Lauderdale to train for a week before she left for a mission trip to Ecuador. So Danielle and I took a mini road trip to go see her and hang out with her for the day. After some lunch, skyping other college pals, beaching it, sipping some coffee, and meeting some of Kathleen’s friends, we concluded one very good day with the long and rainy drive home. Well worth it.

The Lord was so good to make that all work out. I’ve been missing my college friends dearly and it was just what I needed to spend time with one that I love quite a lot.


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Blogs are a comin’.

Hey folks, sorry about the slackage in my blog posts. I’ve been pretty good about getting a post in every day or two for a while now. But these past few days have been chock full of wonderful family time, spectacular friend time, and…lots of working on a new blog site and Etsy shop! The photo above is a clue for how the new blog is going to look. Stoked! Keep checking back for more updates soon.

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The west on film.

A good while ago, as in last December/ January, I mentioned that I picked up some old rolls of mystery film from a garage sale. And I was super stoked to see what I might find. Well, I remembered that I never showed you all what I found! Most of them were too exposed to heat or light to be developed, but there was one roll of film from a little plastic panorama camera that was golden! Here’s a few of my favorites:

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.” Psalm 19: 1-3


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Little Sarasota // YOGURTOLOGY

Okay, I know Yogurtology isn’t necessarily a little frozen yogurt shop that no one knows about, but it is fairly new and delicious. This franchise is currently branching out in the states of Florida and Arizona (odd combo, right?).

For those of you who don’t know yet, Yogurtology is a super fresh self-serve frozen yogurt joint. Self-serve, as in an entire wall of levers to pull down and fill your cup with however much fro-yo you want, plus a giant bar of about any topping you could want. Fresh, as in happenin’. 

I think we counted a total of 12 different flavors of frozen yogurt. Twelve! My choice: oatmeal cookie fro-yo with graham cracker crumbles, marshmallows, nutella drizzle, blackberries, and a cream puff. At 49 cents an ounce, mine came out to $2 and some change. (But I didn’t get a whole lot.)

Another reason I really loved Yogurtology was the decor, inside and out. The inside is very modern, with the neatest lamps hanging over the tables. The outside is a super cool setup of all-white tables and chairs with giant umbrellas to keep you cool in the shade. Oh, and not to mention the all-white outdoor couch. This Thursday afternoon affair consisted of myself, Dani-franfrelli (sister), Posh Josh (cousin), and Estah (lookin’ fly in those shades).

Yogurtology is located on South Tamiami Trail across from Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Let me know what flavor combo YOU got.

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